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  • End of Term

    The final day of this academic year is Friday 21st July.

    E-Safety Day

    February 7th 2017 is Safer Internet Day, a day that is very important to our school and pupils. Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Insafe network and is celebrated every year across Europe, and in other countries worldwide.

    In the UK, Safer Internet Day is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre (, and this year’s theme is “Be the change: Unite for a better internet.”

    Our school is participating alongside hundreds of other schools across the UK and students will be learning about how to use the internet safely and positively.

    To celebrate the many positives of the internet, and to raise awareness of the issues that children and young people face online today, Lakeview School will be delivering a presentation for children in every year group and will be focusing on;

    Early Years – Good or Bad pictures they may see on their tablet, Parents/Carers mobile or Laptop/PC and what to do.

    KS1 - Asking for permission to watch a video or look at pictures online. Telling an adult if they view something that upsets them.

    KS2 - On the meaning behind images we post online, ‘the full picture – the full story’. Is every image true? Does every image tell you the full story?

    Resources for parents/carers are available to view via

    We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development. This letter  is designed to help you become more aware of the safety messages that your children receive in school in order to reinforce them in your home environment.