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    Children & Learning

    Our Learning

    At Lakeview we use a phonics scheme called 'Sounds Write'. This focuses on breaking down words into their sounds, in order to read them accurately. The children then work on writing the words by using their knowledge of the sounds that they can hear within them.

    For reading we have a wide variety of texts available to the staff and children. Within the class we follow a Guided Reading Scheme called Rigby Star, but often also use other schemes if a greater breadth of texts is needed. All of the children have individual reading books that are colour banded, according to challenge and interest with most of the books being from the Collins Big Cat reading scheme. As well as this every class has regular time in the school library, where the children can choose from a range of text types and levels.

    We are always looking to improve the way that the children present their writing and so are working through the Collins Primary Focus handwriting programme.


    You may have noticed that the Solardome has had a makeover.  This transformation has created a unique environment for our young writers, artists, ecowarriors, gardeners, scientists and explorers.

    The dome is integrated into the timetable for all year groups, linking learning experiences to all areas of the curriculum.

    The dome will also be a place to investigate both natural and recycling resources.  Any donations of the following will be gratefully received.

    Natural Resources

    Plants, seeds, stones, pebbles

    Fossils, shells, driftwood

    Recycling Resources

    Plastic bottles, egg boxes, kitchen roll tubes, CD’s, boxes, juice containers, and plastic containers.

    Please ensure that boxes have not contained nuts or nut products.