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  • End of Term

    The final day of this academic year is Friday 21st July.


    Summer Term

    Throughout the term we will be learning about a range of different topics based on the children’s interests and needs. We will be planning lots of exciting activities to help the children achieve the next steps in their learning journeys. To start, we will be learning about life in the Jungle and discussing what we already know about the Jungle and observing the environment and what animals might live there.

    1. Parent Info Leaflet - Nursery
    2. FS1 Long Term Plan 2016-2017
    3. Topic Plan - 5.6.17 People Who Help Us
    4. Topic Plan - 12.6.17 People Who Help Us
    5. Topic Plan - 19.6.17 On the Farm
    6. Topic Plan - 26.6.17 On the Farm
    7. Topic Plan - 3.7.17 Summer
    8. Topic Plan - 10.7.17 Summer