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    Our Governors

    Lakeview Governors 2015/16 Academic Year


    Full Governing Board Meeting Attendance


    Graeme Coombes (Local Authority Appointed Governor)    20%

    Laura Baker (Co-opted Governor)                                         40%

    Fred Birkett (Co-opted Governor and Co-Chair)                   80%

    Jane Stevens (Co-opted Governor)                                        100%

    Tim Brooks (Co-opted Governor)                                          60%

    Robin Thomas (Co-opted Governor)                                     80%

    Stephen Toze (Co-opted Governor, Co-Chair and Safeguarding & Vulnerable Groups Governor)              100%  

    Sue Vint (Head Teacher)                                                        100%

    Collette Lamb (Parent Governor)                                           100%

    Ian Little (Parent Governo)                                                     100%

    Jane Reeve (Staff Governor)                                                   80%



    2016/17 Board make up and Pecuniary or Other Interests


    Graeme Coombes (Local Authority Appointed Governor)    Local Councillor

    Laura Baker (Co-opted Governor)                                         No Interests

    Jane Stevens (Co-opted Governor)                             Schools Business Manager

    Tim Brooks (Co-opted Governor)                                          No Interests

    Robin Thomas (Co-opted Governor)                          No Interests

    Stephen Toze (Co-opted Governor, Co-Chair and Safeguarding & Vulnerable Groups Governor) No Interests

    Anita Hemsley (Head Teacher)                          

    Collette Lamb (Parent Governor)                              No Interests

    Ian Little (Parent Governor and Co-Chair)                No Interest

    Meriel McDonnell (Staff Governor)                           No Interests