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  • End of Term

    The final day of this academic year is Friday 21st July.

    Year 4

    Summer Term - Life Amongst the Leaves

    This summer term, we will be learning about rainforests in our ‘Life Amongst the Leaves’ unit. We will begin, by understanding the importance of the rainforest climate and how this affects the four layers of rainforests. Furthermore, we will be exploring the species of rainforest plants and animals and identifying how they have adapted to survive in this environment. In addition, the children will be replicating the work of the artists: Tarsila Schubert and Georgia O’Keefe, who have been inspired by the rainforests; the children will be critiquing their work and creating their own artwork using the artists’ style. Also throughout this unit, we will be identifying the Yanomami tribes of Brazil and comparing their lifestyles to ours. Following this, we will begin to understand and discover how rainforests have been affected by human activity, by conducting a balanced debate on deforestation and identifying how the environment is being harmed and improved. Lastly, the children will be given the opportunity to design and make a patchwork square inspired by the rainforest using textiles and learnt sewing skills. 

    1. Y4 Long Term Plan 2016-2017
    2. Y4 Summer Term Curriculum leaflet - Life Amongst the Leaves
    3. Y4 Summer Term Curriculum poster - Life Amongst the Leaves
    4. Y4 Summer Term Home Challenges - Life Amongst the Leaves