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    Year 5

    Autumn Term - Mission to Mars

    This term, children in Year 5 will be going on a Mission to Mars! Earth has become uninhabitable and so we must all move to the ‘Red Planet’ in order to survive. For the first half term, Miss Chiarelli and Mr Rastrick will be preparing their cadets for an exciting journey with the Lakeview Aeronautics and Space Administration (LASA).

    Once they have found out why we might need to move planets, the children will be exploring how scientists’ views of space have changed through history. For example, who was Galileo and why was his theory so controversial? The children will find out by acting in role as Galileo and imagining how he would have felt at the time of his trial.

    To prepare for their space adventure, pupils will also be designing and building a rocket to transport their vital supplies, as well as a shelter that is adapted to survive Mars’ harsh conditions. In addition, LASA’s recruits will be writing their own astronaut training and diet plan so that they are in peak physical condition for the mission.   

    Throughout our science lessons, children will be learning about the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon, as well as its importance to our existence. We will also be studying and exploring the remarkable planets found within our fascinating solar system.

    Furthermore, we will endeavour to answer the age-old question of whether there is life on other planets. We will be researching other people’s ideas in order to inform our own opinion and create stories to be made into film trailers.

    Lastly, we will be exploring the beautiful phenomena of nebulae. Children will produce crayon sketches and use watercolour and wax-resist techniques to create images of the beautiful nebulae that they will see in space.