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  • End of Term

    The final day of this academic year is Friday 21st July.

    Year 5

    Summer Term - The Great, the Bold and the Brave!

    This term, children in Year 5 will be focusing on the Ancient Greeks. As well as looking at the geography of modern day Greece, we will be exploring the chronology of Ancient Greece and looking at when most of the important events happened.

    We will be researching the great legacies that the Greeks have left us, such as democracy, architecture, language, alphabet and theatre. We will let our creative juices flow when making our own Greek temples and clay theatre masks.

    Furthermore, we will look into the causes and consequences of the Persian and Trojan Wars. This will include imagining what life was like for the soldiers on both sides of the battle.

    We will be looking at what the Ancient Greek Olympics were like and comparing them to the modern day version. Following on from this, we will be creating batik pictograms based on an Olympic sport of our choice.

    Lastly, we will conclude our theme by holding a Greek day, in which children will be able to have a go at ancient Greek crafts, Olympic events and theatre, as well as enjoying a Greek feast!

    1. Y5 Long Term Plan 2016-17
    2. Y5 Summer Term Curriculum leaflet - Ancient Greece
    3. Y5 Summer Term Curriculum poster - Ancient Greece
    4. Y5 Summer Term Home Challenges - Ancient Greece