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    Year 6

    Autumn Term - Fight for Your Rights!

    This term, children in Year 6 will be exploring their role within a democratic society by protesting against an unfair and outrageous situation set by their teachers! By protesting the children will grow to understand the importance of using their freedom of speech and appreciate that anyone can make a positive change within the world.

    The students will then explore the growth, change and development of democracy over time with studies focusing upon the Magna Carta, The English Civil War, The Suffragette Movement and Apartheid era South Africa. Once they have done their research, the children will then have the chance to become Lakeview School’s Head Boy and Head Girl. For this they will need to prepare their very own speech, create a campaign logo and posters as well as canvass votes from all students at the school. To make their logos and posters, the children will use a variety of printing techniques and print on a variety of materials.