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    Spring Term

    Spring Term - Blast from the past

    This term, children in Year 6 will start by exploring the Ancient Maya and their Central American civilization. Year 6 will need to locate the period on a timeline, comparing the length and success of the ancient civilization with other time periods they have previously studied. Applying their mapping skills, the children will try to locate the main areas of Mesoamerica and learn about the Mayan’s development of their own writing, number and calendar systems as well as their music, art and culture.

    Year 6 will then look at a different period of history altogether: World War 2. By exploring this conflict and its impact on Britain, the children will be able to understand the differences between primary and secondary sources of information, comparing our understanding of this time period with that of the Ancient Maya. They will also understand a timeline of the conflict, the significance of the Battle of Britain and the importance of historical figures such as Winston Churchill.


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