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Children and adults are at the heart of our school; our school is at the heart of our community.

Before and After School Club

Dawn until Dusk

Dawn until Dusk operate a morning and after school club, which is situated beside Lakeview Primary School. If you would like to register, please follow the link.

"At Dawn until Dusk we always strive to provide an outstanding service. To ensure that parents are happy with the care we offer and to improve the work that we do, we frequently ask for feedback. After our recent survey, 100% of the parents that took part strongly agreed that they have made the right choice of childcare arrangement and that their child is happy to attend the club. 100% also strongly agreed that the staff are approachable and willing to discuss any concerns. We take pride in the good relationships we build with the children and their parents."

Please visit their website to find out more information.