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Autumn Term

Incredible India

We are excited to introduce our autumn terms theme: Incredible India. During this term, the children will explore where India can be found on a world map and all about the rivers and mountains that are located here. The children will have the opportunity to use maps, atlases and satellite images to widen their knowledge of India. They will also be investigating the human and physical geography of India by looking closely at their cities and comparing them to cities in the U.K.

The children will be given the opportunity to be creative in our art and design technology lessons. We will delve into the art of Mendhi and Rangoli, in this unit the children will be able to research different patterns and create their own using coloured salts and prints. Furthermore, the children will be able to explore Batik. This will be a new skill for the children to master. We will also revisit sewing skills to join the fabrics together.

Later, we will take the children on a voyage of discovery as they learn about Britain’s growing power as a seafaring nation during the age of exploration. The children will explore how India began to dominate trade in Asia and how this empire later crumbled at the end of the Second World War.