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    Summer Term

    The Holiday Show

    This term, children in Year 6 will be learning about Holidays and how they have changed over time; from Victorian seaside getaways to modern eco-tourism, the children will understand more about the trends and changes that have occurred over the last couple of centuries. More than this, the children will also explore the impact of tourism on some particularly vulnerable areas of the world such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They will be able to fight for its protection and understand how, through sustainable and thoughtful planning, we can still enjoy these natural wonders whilst protecting them for future generations.

    During their Design and Technology lessons, children in Year 6 will also have the chance to create their own tourist attraction when designing and making a prototype for a fairground ride. This task will afford them the opportunity to design, make, test and improve a model that they have made before explaining their design and convincing their peers that their model is the best design.



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