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    Year 1

    Year 1 Home Learning

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    Firstly we would like to thank you for all of the efforts that have been made by you and your children whilst being at home. It has made our day seeing so many of you taking part in the home challenges, TT Rockstars, Numbots, Purple mash and other creative tasks! You have made us so proud seeing you all being so positive regarding your learning at this challenging time. We know our children are resilient and always try their best so we are super pleased with how they have handled the past few weeks.

    We have set some ‘2Dos’ on Purple Mash which the children will be able to access when they login (login details have been stuck inside each child’s reading journal). One of the tasks is to paint a picture of summer and what you might see in this season, linking to what we would have been learning about in Science after Easter. By completing and submitting these, Mr Thorp, Mrs Heeley and Miss Gibbs will be able to leave individual feedback for the children about their work as well as suggesting changes if children would like to edit and improve their work.

    We thought you might appreciate some more ideas to continue to develop your child’s reading while you are completing learning from home. When you have read a book, either one from home, school or online (Oxford Owl, Collins Big Cat eBooks) then you could complete the following tasks.

    • - Write a review of the book, what was your favourite part and why? Who would you recommend it to?
    • - Draw, paint or make your favourite character or setting and describe it.
    • - Re-write the story but change the ending.
    • - Act out the story with people in your home.
    • - Make models of the characters and create a mini video or puppet show.
    • - Write down some questions to ask your adult about what happened in the book. They can test your knowledge too!

    We are also extremely disappointed that we didn’t get to participate in our ‘Afternoon Tea with King George VI’ where the children would have had the opportunity to meet King George VI himself and ask him lots of different questions about what life was like for him in the 1950’s. The children briefly begun to learn about King George during our History lessons and how he showed the value of determination due to his stammer. It would be great if the children were able to research more about King George VI’s life, his career and his impact on Britain. We had also just begun to learn about William Morris and his famous floral/animal block printing, in preparation for making our own. You could enjoy mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and have a go at replicating a piece of his work. Make sure to send us a picture!

    We are all really missing the love of learning your children bring to us every day. The way their faces light up when they have grasped a new concept, overcome a challenge or have been able to demonstrate their learning to their friends. Year 1 is a fabulous age where children are so curious about the world around them and we miss being able to answer all of their questions during the day, it is just amazing how their minds work.

    If you need any support with home learning, Mrs Heeley, Mr Thorp (Frogs) and Miss Gibbs (Toads) will be happy to help and we will aim to reply within 24 hours if you send a message to the class email address ( or 

    We are missing you all dearly and hope that you are all keeping safe,


    The Year 1 team

    Mrs Heeley, Mr Thorp, Miss Gibbs, Mrs Miah-Noor and Mrs Martin


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