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Children and adults are at the heart of our school; our school is at the heart of our community.

Early Years - Welcome


In Cygnets we work hard to support our children to become independent, confident and enthusiastic learners. Mrs Sharpe is the nursery manager and is supported by Miss Blanchett and Miss Bloxham. Throughout the year we will focus on a variety of different topics linked to the children’s interests. We plan a range of different activities to help the children reach the next steps on their learning journeys. The children have access to a range of different learning experiences, both inside and outside. 


We have two classes within our Reception unit. Newts are taught by Mrs Beddall and Tadpoles are taught by Miss Tompkins (Early Years Leader).  Miss Beard, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Kupriene support throughout the unit. The two classes work very closely together, to ensure that the children are all given fantastic learning opportunities. There are times for working exclusively within a single area, such as the classroom and times when the learning is taken into shared areas or outside. The work that is completed tends to be based around a well known children's book, with all areas of learning being linked to this.

Please see our welcome videos, via the following links;