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Children and adults are at the heart of our school; our school is at the heart of our community.

Early Years - Welcome

Cygnets - Nursery 

In Cygnets nursery, we work hard to support our children to become independent, confident and enthusiastic learners. Mrs Jackson is the lead in the nursery supported by Mrs Brooks, Mrs Thomas and Mr Parker. Throughout the year we will focus on a variety of different topics linked to the children’s interests. We plan a range of different activities to help the children reach the next steps on their learning journeys. The children have access to a range of different learning experiences, both inside and outside. 

We offer children the opportunity to attend nursery for the  term after their third birthday with the offer of 30 hours or 15 hours per week.   

Tadpoles & Newts - Reception

We have two classes within our Reception: Tadpoles, taught by Miss Wilson and Newts, taught by Mrs Jordan.   Mrs Kupriene, Miss Beard, Mrs Clarke make up the Learning Support team. The two classes work very closely together, along with nursery to ensure that there is a joined up curriculum and provision and that all children are given fantastic learning opportunities. There are times for working exclusively within a single area, such as the classroom and times when the learning is taken into shared areas or outside. Stories are at the heart of the learning which can be taught whole class, or group - both inside and out.  The focus is on developing children who are independent and curious learners.