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Children and adults are at the heart of our school; our school is at the heart of our community.

Year 4 - Welcome

Teaching Staff

Our Teachers are Miss Gibson (Mallards) and Miss Granelli (Herons).

The School Day

In Year 4, the Key Stage Two gates open at 8.40am and close at 8:50am. Once the gate is closed, entrance will be via the school office where you will be required to sign your child in.

At break time, the children play on the playground. At lunchtime, all children play on the playground and in the summer term, children have the choice to play on the playground or the field. Lunchtime is at 12:10pm until 1:00pm. 

Children should be collected at 3:20pm from outside the classroom. Children from Year 4 are able to walk home from school with parental consent – please ensure you have completed this form if you wish them to walk home.

Our Learning

English and Maths will continue to be taught daily. Other curriculum subjects will be taught throughout the week. P.E. will be taught twice weekly. Your child’s P.E. kit must be named and in school from Monday to Friday. Due to the changing weather, your child requires kit suitable for both indoor and outdoor lessons.

The children in Year 4 continue to learn spelling patterns and rules. These will be given weekly and the children will be tested on a Friday. Children must bring their spelling folder in every week. There are 108 key words the children are required to read and spell by the end of Year 4. These will be assessed termly. Parents will receive a copy of the assessed spellings so you know how your child is getting on and what their next steps will be.

Food and Drink

We ask that a healthy snack is sent to school in your child’s book bag or lunch box for break time. If you wish for your child to continue having milk, please follow the Cool Milk link – Your child requires a named water bottle in school every day. If you wish for your child to have a hot school lunch, separate details will follow. Due to a number of children with a severe nut allergy, we would really appreciate your co-operation with keeping our school ‘nut free’.


Children will be expected to bring their book bags and reading record to school every day.

Children will continue to change their books once completed and the reading record is signed. The children will continue to progress through the colour coded book band system.

 Children will read regularly with an adult, this will take the form of either individual or guided reading. Please comment in the reading record when you have heard your child read. Please continue to read with your child every day. Children will also have the opportunity to visit the library most weeks. They will be able to take a book home from the library, but please ensure this book is in school every day.

Residential Visit

During Year 4, the children will have the opportunity to go on a residential visit if they wish. This is an overnight visit for one night, where they will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities. Details for this will follow.

Parent Checklist

Confirm you are receiving ParentMail and your mobile number and email address are up to date. Contact the main office if you wish to update us or are having any issues accessing ParentMail.

Please ensure the collect your child from school form is up to date. Additional copies of this form are held in the main office.